Saturday, October 24th, 2020
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What our customers say!

"I have been providing catered lunches for 15 years now and I can honestly say that Jones Old School BARBEQUE offers a unique and memorable catering experience. Their barbecue is authentic, the collard greens are Divine, and the service and professionalism offered by Jones Old School is second to none. Call them today for some of the best bar b q you have ever tasted."
Gary M.

"Looking for a fabulous stress free way to entertain , these ribs are most flavorful and their side dishes tempt all tastes."
Wayne P.

"I went there for dinner tonight and ordered the same thing as last time: rib dinner & pulled pork dinner. I also ordered a kids size meal which was chicken and potato salad, which was a very good amount for a 4 year old. Ok, to start... My boyfriend liked his ribs and was in love with the potato salad. He liked the fact that the potatoes weren't too mushy. It has a nice tangy flavor. The dirty rice had a nice southern flavor. For myself, I loved my pulled pork dinner. It was extremely tender. It did have a couple of chunks of fat which I didn't mind at all because it kept the flavor. I loved the potato salad as well. My baked beans were different this time. It had hamburger meat in it. Which gave it a unique texture. It was weird, but different & delightful. Overall, I really enjoyed my BBQ dinner. Merica was very welcoming & polite as always. Dwight gave a good welcome. I really love this place and for all these reasons, I gladly update my review/rating to 5 stars!!! Thanks, from the daughter of the nice married couple from across the street."
Delora M

"Hidden secret uncovered: absolutely best ribs in county! Dwight and his wife Merica operate a small takeout counter business in back of a neighborhood gas station convenience store west of Vero. We decided on a full slab of ribs, special mac and cheese, and the best collared greens ever. Can't wait to have them cater our next party."

"Best BBQ around! You will not be disappointed!"
Brian S.

"I've known Merica since we were kids and had the pleasure to meet Dwight. Very loving, family oriented and awesome, awesome food!!!"
Shannon M.

"Super amazing BBQ, thanks! Posted a 5⭐️ review for you!"
Charlie R.

"SERIOUSLY, the BEST chicken and ribs we've ever had! Thank you so much Dwight and of luck to you guys!"
Michele C.

"Best in town with sides that are as great as the meat. Some in vero say they have the best but to me this place is the only one that gives true meaning to good southern BBQ."
Russell B

"Love their BBQ! We sure do miss it! We moved out of state and haven't found BBQ close to Jones Old School. The Jones family really put their love in their cooking! I highly recommend them if you are anywhere in the area- you'll be soooo glad you did!"
Jeanne J.

"Best BBQ around! Their passion for cooking and serving could not be more apparent. Dwight and Merica serve great food - in heeping portions - and always with a smile. Dwight has perfected his rub and sauce recipes. You just have to try it!"
Lori R.

"If you love "REAL" BBQ 'Jones Old School BBQ' is the place to get it! Their rib rub is fantastic as well as all of their other meats and sauces. I have eaten BBQ from Texas to the Carolina's and they match up well with the best. Just get you some!"
Tracy C.

"We have hit the JACKPOT!! No BBQ can compete! The absolute best ribs, chicken and pulled pork we've EVER had. The mac&cheese, BBQ beans and collard greens rock too!! No one can beat the food or the customer service....Dwight and Merica are the sweetest couple who obviously work in harmony as a team! Thank you Jones Old School BBQ for giving us the best experience in every way! We will be a great source of word of mouth advertisement for sure!!! Can't wait to get some more!"
Brooke T.

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